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To: Limited Partners of HRJ Capital Funds

Re: Key Personnel Changes

EFFECTIVE February 6, 2009, Richard G. Couch has assumed the responsibility of Chief Restructuring Officer and CFO of HRJ Capital; as well as the post of Chairman of the Restructuring Committee.

Mr. Couch brings extensive experience to the role, details of which are offered at

Cory Pavlik, former CFO, has moved to the role of Sr. Finance Project Manager, reporting to Mr. Couch.

Thomas Szymoniak, continuing as a Consultant to HRJ, has expanded his role and responsibilities to the Fund Accounting, and also reports to Mr. Couch.

Another change within HRJ Capital is the departure of Darren Wong effective this Friday, March 6, 2009. Darren leaves to pursue other career opportunities with the appreciation of HRJ for service and accomplishment over the past four years. While HRJ Capital pursues capital partnering transactions, Howard Fields will oversee on an interim basis, Tina Chen, who will be responsible for managing the domestic venture capital portfolio and Kai Hoo Quek, will be responsible for managing the offshore venture capital portfolio.

The attached org chart displays our current structure.

The HRJ Capital Team

HRJ Organizational Chart
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