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  • B.S. Electrical Engineering
    University of Southern California

Diablo Management Group Consultants

Ted R. Charter

Ted Charter, a founding Principal in Diablo Management Group (DMG), has worked extensively in engineering, sales/marketing, and general management in high technology companies through his 25-year career.

Prior to co-founding DMG, Mr. Charter co-founded Eclat Intelligent Systems, a CAD/CAS start-up. Prior to Eclat, he was VP and General Manager of Calcomp's Cadvance division, supplying PC-based CAD software to architectural, engineering, and construction firms.

Before his Calcomp experience, Mr. Charter spent more than 18 years at Xerox, his last position being that of Vice President of Marketing and Planning for Diablo Systems, a $250M Xerox subsidiary. His earlier career experience includes sales, marketing and development responsibilities at Telex Computer Products, Beckman Instruments, and Scientific Data Systems.

Mr. Charter's broad management experience in several key functional disciplines gives him the background to undertake difficult turnaround and workout assignments. With DMG, he has held several interim management assignments including Chief Operating Officer, Vice President of European Operations, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Vice President of Marketing and Development, and Vice President of Business Development.

In addition to executive management capabilities, Ted has completed numerous consulting, advisory and project management assignments — many of which required technical research, marketing investigation and analysis, program and product planning (hardware and software), and professional, and executive recruiting.

Mr. Charter has been a member of several professional and managerial associations, and he has worked both as an advisor to, and member of, several Boards of Directors.

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