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Richard G. Couch

Richard Couch has over 27 years of corporate, executive and turnaround management experience, covering over 450 assignments in a broad variety of businesses, in a total of 14 countries.

Since September 1986, Mr. Couch has been the Founder, Chairman of the Board, CEO and Managing Principal of Diablo Management Group (DMG), a nationwide management consulting company based in the San Francisco (East Bay) Area that provides services primarily to companies, investment firms, banks and creditors who are involved in mergers, acquisitions, turnarounds, workouts, re-organizations and sales (of equity and assets). Through DMG, he has served in various interim executive and/or advisory capacities in companies experiencing managerial, financial or operational difficulties — including Avantos, Craftmart Inc., Dynachip, Freemans, General Foods Industries, Granny Goose Snacks, HedgeStreet Inc., Inkra Networks, I.M.S Inc., Inflow, Jetstream, Medchoice Warehouse Club Inc, Optilink, Olympus, Oakville Grocery, Pets.com, Riffage, Silicon Valley Networks, Visual Numerics, Xebec Skystream, Maranti, TestQuest and Moviebeam. In addition, Mr. Couch has handled numerous assignments as a Chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee, and as a Trustee (Assignee) in ABC's (assignments-for-the-benefit-of-creditors).

Before founding DMG in 1986, Mr. Couch founded and managed RGC Associates, which operated troubled companies usually in an interim President/CEO capacity. Mr. Couch was also a Senior Vice President and Principal with INCO Venture Capital Management assisting in the selection, growth and transition of early-stage companies.

His early executive experience included general management roles in two mid-sized companies following a 10-year career at Xerox in managerial and Vice President roles in both the Copier Manufacturing Group and the Printing Systems Group.

In addition to his crisis management experience, Mr. Couch has been a Board Member of several startup companies, the past Executive Director of the Tri-Valley Technology Enterprise Center (TTEC), and periodically accepts counselor/advisor/mentor roles with CEO's who are managing rapid change in their own companies. Additionally, Mr. Couch is considered a "Simon School Distinguished Alum" at the University of Rochester, serves on the Simon Executive Advisory Board and the Simon Alumni Advisory Board.

Mr. Couch is a frequent panelist/presenter at industry conferences, and has taught numerous Executive Lecture Series programs in graduate business schools.

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