Diablo Management Group Consultants

Michael J. Cronin

Mr. Cronin has worked as Senior Consultant with the Diablo Management Group since 1998. Having worked on nearly 30 DMG projects, Mr. Cronin's roles have included:

  • Project Manager on numerous corporate wind-downs and liquidations,
  • Cash manager positions for distressed companies and deal-related escrow accounts,
  • Consultant to the Trustee of both Bankruptcies and Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors ("ABCs")
  • Liquidation adviser to Comdisco during its bankruptcy process, and
  • Director of DMG client subsidiaries

His project responsibilities have included, but were not limited to, the:

  • Complete cessation and liquidation of corporations and their international subsidiaries,
  • Fulfillment of Director-related obligations faced by insolvent companies,
  • Preservation of corporate asset value,
  • Sale and transfer of intellectual property and fixed assets,
  • Addressing of all short- and long-term employee-related issues and the transaction and/or closure of all employee benefit programs including 401(k) plans,
  • Amicable and respectful negotiations with creditors,
  • Preparation or management of all corporate tax filings, and
  • Handling of communications between companies and their investors and shareholders.

Mr. Cronin's industry experience is broad and diverse, from high-tech manufacturers, online service-providers, and software companies to event-planning start-ups and grocery chains. Mr. Cronin is forthright and works with all deal related constituencies, whether they are investors, shareholder, creditors or ex-employees with a consistently high degree respect and concern. Mr. Cronin's ability to address both big-picture issues as well as a deal's fine details serve him well in addressing the needs of DMG's varied clientele.

Mr. Cronin began his professional career with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), where he spent four years designing and implementing management information systems for a diverse client base of Fortune 500 Companies.

Mr. Cronin also remains proud of his early experiences working for the Oakland A's and with former Senator Pete Wilson. In his free time, he enjoys music, home-maintenance projects and spending time with his wife, Lynn, and their two children.

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