Matthew Counch

  • B.A. in management
    St. Mary's College of California

Diablo Management Group Consultants

Matthew Couch

Since 2006 Mr. Couch has been the operations manager for Diablo Management Group. Included in this role are the responsibilities of controller, in which Mr. Couch oversees all accounts receivables, payables and payroll along with a variety of other financial aspects of DMG. His experiences in negotiations, organizational management of operations activities, and asset sales have helped him to effectively manage the ongoing operations and finance related needs and responsibilities of this organization.

Matthew Couch joined DMG as a consultant in 2000 managing wind down activities for a variety of companies. In this capacity he handled document storage, asset sales through auctions and direct sales, and the relocation of client offices to minimize costs. Mr. Couch has completed numerous negotiations involving debt settlement, debt collection, asset sales for DMG, and several of its clients.

In addition, Mr. Couch has managed warehouse and office operations, infrastructure transitions, document record and systems security, facility operations management and the maintenance of supporting operations in his various roles as an information technology specialist.

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