Gerard Keena

  • B. A. in Economics
    Hamilton College
  • M. B. A.
    SimonSchool of Business,
    University of Rochester

Diablo Management Group Consultants

Gerard F. Keena

Mr. Keena began working with Diablo Management Group in 2001. He has extensive international experience in both turnarounds and crisis management situations and brings a broad range of skills including expertise in process improvement, change management, negotiations and business plan development to each assignment. He has worked in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, software and internet startups. He has held several interim management assignments which included managing operationally distressed businesses in the US, Japan and China.

Representative examples of Mr. Keena's DMG experience:

  • Business Intelligence Software Company — Acted as a change agent for a software company's East Asian operations. Successfully restructured and improved underperforming operations in Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong through reducing overhead costs and improving sales penetration. Annual costs were reduced by 30% and a new "academic" direct sales channel was established.
  • Storage Management Service Company - Acted in a variety of operational and financial roles to restructure debt, improve cash flow and negotiate the sale of the company. Tape Storage Pioneer — Acted as a restructuring advisor to negotiate with creditors and other constituents to reduce past due trade payables by 50% as well as arrange 6 month payment plans for the remaining balances. A successful out-of-court restructuring of the company's unsecured debt led to additional financing by a private equity sponsor.
  • Retail Sales of Pet Supplies — Assisted with the sale of the company's assets, settlement with creditors and the distribution of remaining proceeds to shareholders. The shareholders of this publicly held company received 23 cents on the dollar as a part of a sale and the liquidation process.
  • Business Intelligence Software Company — Assisted the company's finance department in budgeting, forecasting and tracking actual performance to budget. Performed financial analysis used by management to present operational trends to Board of Directors. Timely and accurate financial analysis allowed management to make second half adjustments to their budgets, resulting in improved year-end profitability.
  • Micro Chip Design Company — Assisted the company's board of directors and management team with the orderly liquidation of the company's assets after an unsuccessful sale effort. Successfully negotiated with all creditor groups and transitioned the software company's existing customers to other support alternatives. Presenting creative software support alternatives to the existing customer base, and saved the company and its board members millions of dollars in potential litigation expenses.

Before joining DMG, Mr. Keena's professional career began with Chase Manhattan Bank where he spent four years as an Assistant Vice President and Credit Analyst. At Chase Mr. Keena managed a client portfolio of manufacturing, real estate and professional services companies.

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