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DMG Case Study —

DMG Staff Involved
Industry: Retail
Business Description: The largest online pet supply company.
Business Problem: The company had decided in November of 2000 to terminate all operations, settle all creditor obligations and return remaining funds to shareholders. Diablo Management Group (DMG) assumed fiduciary responsibility for in January of 2001.
DMG Focus:
  1. Adhering to SEC regulations
  2. Settling with creditors
  3. Distributing the remaining funds to shareholders
  4. Selling remaining assets
  5. Settling lease obligation on 147K sq. ft. warehouse

Since the Company was publicly traded and listed on the NASDAQ exchange the initial focus was to make sure that the Company complied with all reporting requirements. had gone public in the 1st quarter of 2000, but had never completed a full year audit nor filed a 10K. At the time DMG took over, the auditing firm decided not to stand for re-election and it was necessary to immediately retain an audit firm with SEC experience. An audit firm was retained by DMG and subsequently achieved a clean opinion on both the 2000 and 2001 audits for

  • Terminated 401K plans and effectively closed benefit programs
  • Sold remaining assets
  • Settled all facility leases
  • Received clean opinions on 2 audits
  • remained in compliance with all SEC requirements
  • No shareholder lawsuits were filed against the company
  • All tax filings were completed
  • Significantly reduced trade payables obligations
  • Returned $0.23 per share to shareholders
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